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Below, you'll find a list of upcoming events at Whites Hall. Keep checking back as we'll continue to add and update information as it becomes available.


Every Friday & Saturday from 5-9 PM through October
Please Note...Compliance with Liquor Authority Guidelines includes:

-  A reasonable one-time annual membership fee to join our Non-Profit Organization:

-  $50/Indiv.

-  $75/Couple

-  Guests Allowed - $10 Entrance Fee

-  One-Day Memberships - $10 Fee

(Guest and One-Day Membership fees can be applied to Annual Memberships for anyone wishing to upgrade... must be same day)

(Note:  Memberships are for a 12-month period)

-  "Cash Bar" (credit cards accepted)

We comply with all CDC and State COVID-19 Safety Requirements.

NOTE:  There has been some confusion with respect to our Alcohol Policy... "ONLY THOSE" wearing Membership/Guest Bracelets will be served an alcoholic beverage.

Memberships can be purchased online here


(Friday & Saturday)

From the Grill:

(all with Chips and a Pickle)

-  Hot Dogs

-  Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers

-  Bratwurst with Onion & Pepper on Roll

-  Italian Sausage with Onion & Pepper on Roll

-  and Amish-Style Potato Salad


-  Movie-Theater Popcorn

-  Shelled Peanuts

-  Cookies

-  Assorted Chips

-  Cheese Crackers

-  Slim Jims

-  Apple Pies

-  Fruit Roll-Ups

-  Etc.

Children & Pets Welcome


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